Graduation, May 2015 from Buffalo State College.  Picture taken: Delaware Park(Hoyt Lake) or better known as the place I played a lot of frisbee throughout my college years and hula hooped my baby fat into its hills,  watched Shakespeare in the summer drunk on Carlo Rossi, a sharp cheddar and Zettis freshly baked bread.  I lingered late at night on an abandoned stage with a buzz and a few friends, cruised through its cherry blossoms on a midnight bike pedal, and slept under her big willows at noon stuffed on picnic jello.  I’ve raised my son a block away, taken him where he’s learned to climb hollow, plastic mountains all while making friends.  Seven years not too long, I am a graduate today.  A bachelor in the Arts, I grew up here with Frank Lloyd Wright himself, on the steps of Albright Knox, yes, Picasso was my neighbor.  I did it with a two year old on my side and a belly like a bubble, five months pregnant.  Maybe it’s my surroundings but it feels too much like art.  I am a graduate today.

Queen City Kait

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