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Lullaby to Pax

When the sun has gone down And the moon has come up When the street lights come on And the stars are lit up When the trees are asleep And the birds are all quiet Your eyes will then close And it’s time to go to sleep  

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Sick On A Sunday 

Microwaved coffee My sleeping baby Brings content A sinus cold My 4 year old doctor warms me With blankets, head rubs An animated movie while Hubby folds the laundry Ribs in the crockpot One more hour til they fall Off the bone with garlic bread Baked beans and a pickle No taste buds at all

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Saturday MornIng

I passed out at ten O’Clock last night. I woke up well rested in a gloomy living room so quiet I heard the furnace tick.  I didn’t snooze an alarm. I didn’t run for a shower. I didn’t pack a diaper bag or a lunch.  I didnt rush to find someone’s homework (we still have…

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​I spent my MONDAY MORNING building a sandcastle with my (more destructive than helpful) son…I still have enough time this week to build at least 188 more of these things if I really wanted to. This is, “Vacationing”.

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Flabby Arms Fly

I’d of loved myself so much sooner to see the artistic works of Medieval, Ancient rulers – an artists replication of curve before MTV. Real Queens, not a photoshopped hack job of Beyonce. Today, the shit has hit the fan on bodily expectations for women.  Instagram is populated with obvious cropped waist-lines and butt implants and gym junkies…

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