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Upside Down Perspective

Our house has been contaminated with a cold. There’s sneezing, coughing, vapor rubs and tea going around. I got hit with it yesterday. I thought I could squeeze in an extra hour of sleep with Oliver being the last immune system standing and being home on a Saturday morning and all… I thankfully did sleep…

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Invest in Patience

Some mornings are made for running late, hitting the snooze button one too many times or well, not even hearing all four alarms go off at all. Some mornings are made of waffles popping out of the toaster, in your hand, and out the door dressed in the clothes you wore yesterday, crocs, eye boogers…

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Sick On A Sunday 

Microwaved coffee My sleeping baby Brings content A sinus cold My 4 year old doctor warms me With blankets, head rubs An animated movie while Hubby folds the laundry Ribs in the crockpot One more hour til they fall Off the bone with garlic bread Baked beans and a pickle No taste buds at all

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Saturday MornIng

I passed out at ten O’Clock last night. I woke up well rested in a gloomy living room so quiet I heard the furnace tick.  I didn’t snooze an alarm. I didn’t run for a shower. I didn’t pack a diaper bag or a lunch.  I didnt rush to find someone’s homework (we still have…

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